Customer Testimonials

‘my son loves it here and he’s more relaxed when we leave’
Parent, autism, age 7

‘there’s so much to do the kids love it’
Childminder, age 5 to 6

‘they love the interactive floor, colours and the bubble tube, I will tell all my friends’
Parents, babies group under 12months

‘my grand daughter loves the fishes on floor, playing duo and the quiet music’

‘they sleep for a long time when they leave’
Parent, 6 month old twins

‘this is a life saver’
Parent, autism, aged 8

‘she loves it and wants to come again’
Befriender, wheelchair user, aged 8

‘he’s calm enough that he can eat when he’s had a couple of hours in the sensory room’
Parent, autism, aged 7

‘he is happier now he sees his befriender, he smiles more and isn’t locked away in his room all the time’
Parent, autism, aged 13

‘she goes to youth club now and socialises with friends her age’
Parent, Asperger, aged 15

‘this room just calms her down, she’s even better behaved in school’
Parent, ADHD, aged 9

‘it feels good to speak to someone that understands’

‘no provision offers this type of after school service’
Professional, local authority

‘he is confident now to walk to his grandparents house on his own, the befriender has helped in a short time’
Parent, autism, aged 16

General Customer Comments:

“Just a quick note to say the summer programme was such a worthwhile outlet for my child.  He is autistic and was able to interact fantastically with children outside of his normal setting. It also gave me a short break to get things done.”
“I was very excited about the summer camp.A couple of hours for myself.
The kids enjoyed it very much. Beyon said she enjoyed football and making pizzas, and the lunch was great.
Rayn said amazing amazing.Football was amazing He made friends.
Thanks for the memories that my kids experienced.Thanks for giving them some fun.
Much appreciated.”
“Both my children attended the summer club and they really enjoyed it
All the activities, the trip and they especially enjoyed the cooking!
I don’t think that anything needs to improved only that it could be on everyday  🙂
I will definitely register them again if it’s on in the future”
“Both children thoroughly enjoyed it. 
My eldest age 11 is great at socialising and gets involved with everything.
My 7 year old is more reserved and felt I comfortable at the first session as she doesn’t usually attend groups outside of school where she has her social circle. 
The second session she absolutely loved… as was the same with all following sessions the children attended. 
The enjoyed the variety of activities. 
Yes I would definitely book again in the future.”
“My daughter completed the sponsored swim for the community summer project and this gave her a sense of ownership and autonomy over the sessions she engaged with. She invited her friends which she would’ve otherwise not seen for 5 weeks and now they all attend the Friday youth club. It makes such a difference to know your child is safe and doing something fun in the community. She is now 11 and I hope she can continue to attend as she goes through her teenage years, the staff are really friendly and great role models. She was taught about healthy eating, emotions, den building and took part in sports too”

“I came here to do my college application, you’re more comfortable doing things, you lot have helped me init, I have applied to be a bricklayer”

“I came to get a work placement, it help me with my application, dyslexia, reading and writing, it’s good it helps you a lot that’s it, I liked going on the computers like instead of writing things down it’s much easier”

“I came because I need help to do the college and do the CV, I liked the because the people and talk to other people”

“I came here so you lot can help me with my application, it is better than lessons because I came here and I know I applied for college and I know what I’m going to do next, I liked playing the games”

“Honestly thank you I really mean that I couldn’t have done it without ya”

“I got a college interview now and only have a month left of school I would not have that if I didn’t meet you lot”

“Yes, I will catch the bus now I know I can get a free bus pass”

“No, you don’t learn this in school”

“It’s about saving and budgeting”

“I’d love to have this in school”

Case Study:

There was one child who was diagnosed with autism, ADHD and high sensory needs, his mum was concerned because he was not good around new people and he is very shy but he came out his shell after the first day, he was talking to the other children and really clicked with 2 of the staff. His mum was really shocked at how much he enjoyed himself. He attended all the sessions as planned, made new friends, joined in with the new activities, all of which he didn’t do at the beginning. His self-esteem, self-confidence, social skills and willingness to engage dramatically increased. His behaviour was not a concern and he was able to work well in the group of children.