Customer Testimonials

‘my son loves it here and he’s more relaxed when we leave’
Parent, autism, age 7

‘there’s so much to do the kids love it’
Childminder, age 5 to 6

‘they love the interactive floor, colours and the bubble tube, I will tell all my friends’
Parents, babies group under 12months

‘my grand daughter loves the fishes on floor, playing duo and the quiet music’

‘they sleep for a long time when they leave’
Parent, 6 month old twins

‘this is a life saver’
Parent, autism, aged 8

‘she loves it and wants to come again’
Befriender, wheelchair user, aged 8

‘he’s calm enough that he can eat when he’s had a couple of hours in the sensory room’
Parent, autism, aged 7

‘he is happier now he sees his befriender, he smiles more and isn’t locked away in his room all the time’
Parent, autism, aged 13

‘she goes to youth club now and socialises with friends her age’
Parent, Asperger, aged 15

‘this room just calms her down, she’s even better behaved in school’
Parent, ADHD, aged 9

‘it feels good to speak to someone that understands’

‘no provision offers this type of after school service’
Professional, local authority

‘he is confident now to walk to his grandparents house on his own, the befriender has helped in a short time’
Parent, autism, aged 16